Thursday, April 24, 2008

WTB A Challange for Purple Poxers

The title says it all. Razorfen Kraul was a bit of a joke. We had two close moments:

- once when we jumped down after the PigLady boss, which ended up with 8 dead baddies.
- once on our 2nd or 3rd run to the Helmet boss when we were fighting several of the stun mobs.

Other than that, we didn't even break a sweat. Yeah, Madja ran and gathered up a group that we didn't have to fight on a pull, but...meh...

We could have probably did 2 full boss clears, but the Helmet boss (with the two "rare" spawns, is something really "rare" if it spawns with the boss every stinkin' time???) refused to drop the helm the first two times, so we ended up reseting it to go for Harisan's helmet.

The funny thing about last night was that we couldn't equip most of the phat lewtz that we got until level 27. We started at 25, dinged 26, and only near the end of the third Helmet run did people start dinging 27. I ended up just shy of 27 after turning in whatsherface's heart.

Oh, phat lewtz? Yeah we gotz dem.
Harisan - several green upgrades, shield of whatsherface
Me - healing mace, shoulders, shards
Madja - agi dagger off first boss (I think that's the only thing he drops - we skipped him for #2 & #3 runs)
Wara/Sal - nada, zippo, zilch....that I remember.

We were talking about farming BFD for drops, but this place might be better. I know the robes off the Healing Mace dude were an item of interest...but I think we're headed off to Gnomer to see if THAT would be a challenge. Maybe we should just move on to SM:

On a Daxe note, I did my first turn in of cloth for Troll rep so I can get a Raptor mount. I've been doing gray quests for rep and will continue to do so. I'm almost half way through Honored, so I have a long ways to go. On the plus side, I do believe that in the lvl 10-20 zones, I'll get bleed over rep from the quests, so Silverpine, Ghostlands, and The Barrens are my targets.


Ess said...

If you're talking about the time I ran left when everyone else ran right, we did need to take those out, I believe, in order to get to the giant piggy. I thought we were just clearing the ones on the right first to be "safe," but what fun is that? (No, just kidding. I just was not paying attention to where I was going.) :)

Also, lots of phat lewtz, but no mutton chopz. /sad

Waradwen said...

I did get those boar's ribs, though. They were pretty tasty! No mutton chop, of course, but I'll take what I can get...

Daxenos said...

Sorry Ess, I meant on THAT pull...

And Wara...those pigs are diseased, ya know....Dang, Boomkins will eat ANYTHING!