Friday, April 25, 2008

RL Trinket

Real Life Trinket. It proc'd last night, and I am so glad that I told Turion, the Pally Tank, that I wasn't going to raid this week. I know my wife has gotten really tired of hearing, "No, honey, I really don't want to...." due to being committed to going to Kara or something.

So, at the beginning of the week, I told Turion that I wouldn't be raiding this week, and despite his goading, stuck to my guns. And now, I've told him to take me off the schedule indefinitely. I really think that this is going to greatly lower the wife aggro if I can jump off the computer at a moment's notice. And, of course, I can't do that if 9 other people are depending on me.

I am debating a server transfer. There, I said it. A number of the Pox folks I play with on Wednesday nights have made alts in BBB's guild, and I've had some more time to play with them on Daxenos the Dwarf Hunter. One of the parts of Sidhe Devils' Guild Charter that I really like is that they will not coerce and/or force people into raids. Wanna raid? Great! Don't wanna? Great!

As a member of The Iron Ring, I feel pressure to raid in order to progress because I'm geared for it and I do a pretty good job. I can definitely understand Turion's viewpoint: "Hey, we geared you - you owe us, and you need the badges/gear/rep anyways." Unfortunately, for him, I would much rather torque him and the guild off than my wife; this wasn't always the case.

While I do enjoy the 10 man raids, it is taking a toll on my marriage, which I was concerned about way back when. I have voiced several of my concerns and current situation on the forums over at Sidhe Devils' website and received quite a bit of positive feedback. So, at the risk of being called a rat b*****d by Turion for the next 20 years we work together, I am seriously thinking about moving.

So, more, uh, musings of a flake job...


Beowulfa said...

Even though I myself play WOW I get frustrated if Dammy gets too wrapped up and I know that's true vice versa. And when he was playing games that I didn't my tolerance level went way down. It probably didn't help that I had a newborn .... Anyway, him being willing and able to jump off whenever I need him (and that goes the other way as well :) has made it possible for us to continue happily playing. A game is so not worth /unhappiness & /rage from spouse.

Ripley said...


Permanently drawing aggro from the wife is not worth it, imo. RL and family should always come first as they are the "personas" that will influence your life directly, and the most. I think your decision is the right one, even though it will suck for me back at The Iron Ring. You were my WoW menter back on that other server - and, I'll still consider you one to this day :)

Best of luck,
Blitzed & Ripley

Anonymous said...

Well guess who this is oh Dax ole buddy:)
I'm Sad to see you go:( but I do understand especially since I've considered a transfer myself.
At least try to keep in touch sometimes and thanks a lot for all the help in getting a couple of my own epics.You do owe some of us but in the end I'm just glad I got the opportunity to get to know you.
Best of luck to you!!

Daxenos said...

Thanks for the comments.

@Sad - sorry I didn't tell you in person; tell Gorg sorry too...

@Rip - Oh, I still have your email addy, so you'll be hearing from me!

@Wulfa - I have noticed much more aggro when I can't just drop something at a moment's notice.