Friday, April 11, 2008


That's right. Purple Poxers were back in action last night instead of our regular Wed night (Mrs. Dax appreciated her Birthday Present of a WoWless night from Shadowfang Keep was on the docket, and we were pumped!

But a little background info first: We Purple Poxers play from 7 pm - 10 pm eastern time, and the 10 pm quitting time is a must for me (I get up for work at 4 am). So we really try to make the most of our time together - which means collecting quests and being prepared beforehand.

So, we met up at the Sepulcher and ran down to the instance. The first pull happened (accidentally - thx Wara! hahaha) around 7:10 pm. We skipped some mobs in the courtyard and the hallway around the kitchen/dining room. We finally killed Arugal at 8 pm.


So....I said, "It looks like we could get another run in." To which everyone else replied, "Absolutely!!" We ran outside, reset the instance and had the first pull around 8:10 or so. Arugal died at 9 pm.

Well, DANG! I guess the first time wasn't a fluke! Rinse and repeated. We even had time to run back to the Sepulcher after the third run to turn in quests. Then flew off to the UC to turn in the Book of Ur. By that time it was 10:10 pm or so, and I had to leave.

Number of complete runs (all bosses dead): 3
Number of hours spent: 3
Number of wipes: 0
Number of deaths: 0
Number of Mechanical Squirrels: 1
Number of Blue quality items the dude in the dining room dropped: 0
Number of shards collected: erm...a lot?
Phat lewtz:
Harisan - shield off the pally guy, sword off the butcher, and cloak off Fenrus
Daxe - Arugal's belt and the Feline shoulders
Salindar - Feline shoulders and...erm other stuff....
Wara - Feline shoulders, Bloody Apron, Arugal's belt, and....other stuff.
Madja - +agi green bracers, and..uh some other stuff...
All of us: MUTTON CHOPS!!!!

Of course, that last item is totally hunter loot.


Rabbit Stew said...

whoo hoo!!! was impressive @ 5:00 am when I heard the first time and even more impressive now that I am more awake.

Hey it was nice seeing another guildy when I logged on in the wee hours.

Ess said...

Dual-wielding of mutton chops would be overpowered. No wonder you can only equip one at a time.