Monday, April 14, 2008

Rysteranch and Kara

Yup, RysteranchNE went to Kara with The Iron Ring on Saturday and Sunday. On Sat, we took down Attunmen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera (R&J), and Curator. We one shotted everything, and I topped the damage meter (with PuddyTat figured in...). Oh, then we wiped twice on Nightbane before calling quits.

I got Romulo's Poison Vial since no one else wanted it and 9 badges.

Sunday morning, they had a wipefest and didn't down anything (I couldn't make it). But that evening, we two shotted Shade, one shotted Illhoof, completed Chess, and took a wipe peek at Netherspite.

6 BoJ's and no other loot. Once again, I topped the damage meter; I almost beat the top warlock by myself, and with PuddyTat figured in, I pounded out nearly 23% of the raid's damage. Not bad, not bad.

Oh, and....I'm back in The Iron Ring....yay!

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