Friday, April 18, 2008

Why WoW keeps it's freshness

It's the preservatives.

On another topic, I am having a new game experience. Everyone knows that I love hunters and priests, and that whenever I roll on a new server, my first toon is almost always a hunter followed closely by a priest. I have rolled Night Elf, Blood Elf, Troll, and with Daxenos on Kael'thas, Dwarf hunters.

The funny thing is that, up to now, I've always leveled my hunters with bows because I liked the look better (NE, BE, Troll), and they all started with bows. Of course, now, my higher level hunters (61 and 70) have guns, so I know a little bit about Outlands hunting with guns. But with Daxenos, I started with a gun, which I think fits perfectly with being a Dwarf.

Anyways, it's interesting having a gun and having access to an engineer to craft bullets and guns for me. As a low level archer, I had to scan the AH for bows and buy my arrows from vendors; now, since I'm a miner, all I have to do is mine some rocks and ore. Not counting opportunity cost (which is significant), my ammo costs will be quite a bit cheaper, and the same thing goes for weapon upgrades. I like it!

Another new experience is running around Dun Morogh as a hunter. I've been there as a mage, a warlock, a warrior, and a pally, but never as a hunter. I didn't really like it as all those other classes, but have found it's not so bad with a hunter. It still doesn't compare with the new Burning Crusade starting areas, but it's not as bad as I remembered. Also, I found a couple of quests due to the new marking system that I had missed before. I'm betting that Loch Modan won't be as bad either...haha.

With Dax, I'm planning on leveling two pets, side by side. I'll use one of them until they ding my current level, then switch to the other one until it dings my current level. And then, I'll pull out Pigglet for the remainder of the level, as I really like the initial aggro she gets from the Charge/Growl combo.

Of course, I'm wondering how long before I start a priest....I've never had a Dwarf priest....

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Dammerung said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one pondering another alt.