Thursday, March 13, 2008

RFC is sooooooooo last week

Last night, the Purple Poxers got together for 3 hours of fun, frivolity, and farming.

First stop was RFC. We gathered up, buffed up, and danced up (lolwut?) before charging into Yellow's living room. Pull, kill, pull, kill, pull, kill, etc, etc, etc. There really wasn't any challenge until Harisan accidentally pulled 4 instead of the intended 3. Woot! I got to use Lesser Heal!

We suffered no deaths, got one shard, and got Salindar his red robe so he could look like Daxe, only not as good. And we also got everyone to level 16 while we were in there so we could all go train right there in Orgrimmar, well, except for Madja....poor Druid..../sadface.

Then we scampered off to the Barrens to start the two quest chains that send us into the Wailing Caverns. We've decided to level by doing instances, but would like to have the quests for the instance as well. As a side note, I've always hated getting quests that send you into an instance to complete the chain, and here I am actually LOOKING for quests to send me into an instance.

So, we're finding the Forgotten Pools - no problem, planting seeds in the Stagnant Oasis - only one of us had to complete this for the group!, and collecting Altered Snapjaw Shells. Ew! We each needed 8 (that's 40 total for the math challenged). Thankfully, each turtle dropped a shell and the hardest part was finding a corpse that you had to loot that got killed over yonder. But we persevered and dominated the poor things. And then the fun started.

See, we had another collection quest for Intact Raptor Horns for the quest Smart Drinks. This time we only needed 5 each (25 total for those without a calculator), so I figured it'd be a bit faster.


It turns out that during battle, quite a number of horns must have shattered, burst, or chipped, because we found very few Intact Raptor Horns. The first area around the colored nests yielded only a few, and the surrounding area only gave up one or two. By that time, though, we remembered the raptors west of Northwatch Hold.

Yes, pretty much all of us that had ever quested as Horde in the Barrens remember the fast respawn rate of these dinos and being trapped by them. And dying at their claws. Oh, the Reckoning WAS AT HAND!!! We slaughtered and slaughtered and slaughtered and...well you get the idea. We must have cleared the area 4 or 5 times before we (I was the last.../cry) got all of our Intact Raptor Horns.

Good grief! Thankfully, the next couple of collection quests will be inside WC, which we'll be running a couple of times.

We then killed our way to Ratchet, turned in the quest, picked up the follow up, flew to Xroads, turning in the turtle shells, flew to TB, turned in the quest there, flew BACK to the Xroads, and headed out the WC to find a bottle of port.

We picked up the quests above WC, found the guy and killed him, retrieved the port, sipped a little port, headed to the port for the turn in, and parted ways.


There was a lot of running around last night, which I didn't really like. I think what I really like about this group is the team play. I am amped about getting into Wailing Caverns next week.

Even if we don't get very far, even if we have a wipefest, even if we shard all the blues.

I just like playing with my fellow Poxers and taking down instances as a team. Pure joy!

So, next week, watch out WC....we're comin' for ya!


Dammerung said...

Woo go purple.

Green got up to the turtles and stopped there for the night.

But we took a moment to detour and get this druid guy his poison removal quest.

Next wednesday Rogue quests and TURTLES

Rabbit Stew said...

oooh Yellow hasn't handled the TURTLES yet....I'm a-feared of the collection quests.

Great write-up Daxe. Pure joy playing with all of you. Pure joy reading the write-ups.

Lazz said...

Yay Purple!

It's great fun reading about how each group is doing. Tackling the same content but with different dynamics.

If RFC is our living room, the Barrens is our backyard and WC is our kitchen. Gonna make me a snack!


ps. I usually read your blog through a reader, but being here now I have to ask... we got t-shirts and coffee mugs?

Kestrel said...

In case you're counting, Dax, this is hit #4. (At least!) ;)

Daxenos said...

....4 Confirmed!