Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Or something like that. Daxie went to Kara in Dax's place last night. Yes, I was hoping for all priest drops since I would be the only one that could use them. But...none dropped. She did get a nice wand off Opera and some rep with the Violet Eye, so she feels good about the run.

Tonight, I'm really looking forward to RFC and running with my fellow Purple Poxers. I've laid off playing Daxe in order to concentrate more on my Alliance toons, so it'll be good to play her again. Also, I've temporarily suspended my AH activities on her to let the other Pox People take advantage of the markets. It's nice to be level 12 and have 200 gold....rofl!

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Beowulfa said...

a-ha! So that's where all the good deals went!