Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shattered Halls, another post?

Shattered Halls is one of the instances that I've not spent a lot of time in...until recently. Rysteranch has been in it once (and got the bow), and Dax was in it once as well (completed one of the quests for a pair of boots he still wears).

But recently, I really wanted to get Revered with Honor Hold for the Glyph of Renewal, which adds 35 to my healing and 7 (I think) MP5. The glyph is a head enchant, so it is pure additional goodness to replace the +10 stamina that I had there.

Over the weekend, I attempted it on Heroic with a PuG. Not good. Then got halfway through it on normal with a PuG before I aggroed dinnertime (yes, we eat dinner as a family - how quaint). And after dinner, we moved on to Heroic Mech. On Sunday, I convinced Turion and company to run through it, but around 1/4 of the way through, he had enough people for Kara, and we dropped it.

Which brings us to the after work session yesterday. Turion, Bloodpebble, Sweetmage, and Daxenos decided to 4 man the instance when we couldn't find another DPS. Four man.....a level 70 instance......riiiiiiiiiiight.

I was expecting just enough progress to get Revered, or at the very least clearing the first couple of pulls a number of times between wipes...lol. What I was not expecting was for us to take that instance by the tail, twirl it around a coupla times and lay the smackdown on it.

But that's what we did. Yes, we had some wipes, but they were due to unanticipated adds or stupid stuff. One wipe happened on the first boss when Turion got locked outside the door that had been unlocked by BP. We got the boss down to around 12% before he finally killed us....and that without a tank!

Pulling 6 elites at once? No problem for Turion with Dax at his back! I almost never drew healer aggro; in fact, the mage drew aggro more than I did, even though I was at times spamming Greater Heal.

At one point, Sweetmage had to watch one of his siblings, so he let her play for him. We pretty much 3 manned the instance at that point as his sister usually just wanded the mobs.

Other than that first boss wipe, we didn't have any issues with any of the bosses. I guess it shows what a good tank, a good healer, and good DPS can accomplish. In fact, if Sweetmage wasn't busy afking, babysitting, and trying (TRYING!!!!) to pull aggro, we probably wouldn't have had any wipes!

I guess I wrote this up because I'm still amazed that we were able to 4 man the instance. Oh, I forgot to mention that Dax is the only one that's epic'd out. Turion, Bloodpebble, and Sweetmage have some epics, but mostly have blues.....and we still rocked the house!

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