Monday, March 24, 2008

Banner weekend

Last weekend was very good in terms of WoW! All three of my level 70 toons got either phat lewtz or skill points or BOTH!

Rysteranch has been running Heroic Mech for the epic gloves (which he got a while ago), the Beast Lord helm, and badges. With Turion, the Pally Tank, on duty, we proceeded to kill everything with minimal wipes. Skipped the fire chick (yeah, chick - not lady!) and made it through the gauntlet to Calculator. We had absolutely no problem taking him down and, yes, he dropped my hat! Woot on me!

I started the day with Rysteranch in Kara with The Iron Ring. We had no problems with Attunmen and Moroes (no drops for me). And as agreed upon prior to the run, I brought along Daxie for Maiden for the increased healing. Around about the third trash kill, she hit Honored with the Violet Eye and got her epic version of the healing ring. Woot on her.

But the run was not finished! Killed to Maiden shotted her! This was The Iron Ring's first Maiden kill, so there was much rejoicing. And then we looked at the loot.....The Shard


Since the other two healers already had better, I asked if I could have it. And they let me! Woot! On! Me!!!

Switched back to Rysteranch and helped get a guild first downing of Opera (R&J). No hunter loot, but did get da badges.

Is it still Saturday??? Yup. Heroic Mech, again. This time Dax got some sunshine, well, since the instance is indoors, not really....anyways. This was a great run. I was backed up by a shadow priest (who is The Iron Ring's main healer on her main), so mana and cushion healing were abundant. It was so good that our first wipe was on Calculator himself! And that only because I didn't say anything about getting hit by the adds so Turion could taunt them off me. So we two shotted boots....DROPPED! Boots of the Pious replaced one of two remaining blues that I have. So, Woot on Dax!

Finally, Sunday. I've been working on my fishing skill on Dax, so I was fishing away in Tanaris @ 360 or so fishing. I managed to level it up all the way to 375. So I figured I'd hit up the Mixed Highland Schools and see what I could fish up. about a Mr. Pinchy? YUP!! I got one! So I immediately used a wish and got.....a Magical Crawdad pet! Sweet, phat lewts! I also got enough Furious Crawdads to get my cooking up to 375 as well. Wow! Professions Woot!

After church, I jumped on Rysteranch and was determined to get at least one skill point in LW. I've been languishing on 364 leatherworking for quite a long time now, and it was high time I started working on it again. So, about a billion dead clefthoof bulls later, and I had 30 clefthoof leathers to go with the 10 I had in the bank. Yay, two boots later leave me at 366 LW. Groan woot.

Later that evening a bunch of DA guys wanted to open up the Or'grila dailies, so since I've never done that on any of my toons, I figured I'd get all three done at once. It took a bit of juggling and logging out at the right spots, but I was able to get all three of my 70s named as Ogre Royalty and opened up the daily quests for fun and profit. Whew! What a weekend.

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Kestrel said...

Wow, Dax...that's a GREAT weekend! Huge congrats on all the phat lewt! Even Mr. Pinchy...I'm tres impressed. :)