Monday, March 3, 2008

And smiled....and smiled

Yes, Dax got more epic loot last week. In addition to replacing his last AH green with a nice pair of gloves from Attunmen, he picked up a nice purple trinket that added 14 more +healing and won the roll on the cape from Prince, which was an upgrade, but just replaced an epic with an epic.

But the real news of the weekend was the Chess event. And the hat. The Headdress of the High Potentate. I was very excited to see this upgrade to my Watcher's Cowl. Now, finally, I have something worthy of grinding Honor Hold rep for the Glyph of Renewal (or what ever that thing is called).

So, Dax now has just two blue items left - a pair of boots and the Lower City prayerbook. I'll be running Heroic Mech in hopes of Boots of the Pious, and at 75 BoJ's, I can get another trinket that will add 18 +healing.

Now Dax has almost everything that he wants out of Kara. The T4 gloves, Boots of the Incorrupt, and Prince's mace would be nice, as well as the healing bracers off Maiden (I have the caster bracers off her). But, I'm happy where I'm at for the time being. Besides, if I get more stuff, that means I have to grind out the enchanting mats and gems for it....which isn't a lot of fun...


Rabbit Stew said...

Daxe you are rolling in the's a plethora, an's almost too much. But then you remember, "hey this is Daxe." And its not too much at all. Congratulations.

Daxenos said...

Oh, no no no no...This is Daxenos. He's very reserved, almost shy. He's just happy to be part of the gang and get to see such high and falootin' folks such as the High King, Prince (didn't sing, though), and Gruul.

In fact, he'll be going with Turion, the Pally Tank into Kara this week and Daxie will be going with DA. So, gratz on dem!

Rabbit Stew said...

Well then a double helping of huzzah to you Daxenos...congratulations on your loot luck