Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aggro - I haz it

My wife's grandmother died yesterday, so I bowed out of the Purple Poxers fun that was scheduled for last night. Everyone was really supportive and understanding (A big Thank you!!), and we just rescheduled for next week.

My intent was to just hang out with my wife and be, but it turned out that she had a massage scheduled for 8 pm! Uh, ok. Since I had already called off the Poxers meeting, I hopped on Daxen again.

It seems like if I'm able to quickly quit what I'm doing in WoW or not really pay attention to what I'm doing ingame, that the wife aggro is greatly reduced. If I'm in an instance or raid, I can ill afford to pay her any attention, and it seems that aggro goes up. And, of course, in the current situation, I knew that if I wasn't there for her that I'd have HUGE

So, between last night and this morning Daxen hit 21, had 15 gold to her name, bought that last 14 slotter, got fishing up to 100, bought the 225 cap for skinning, and completed all but two quests in Ghostlands. One of the quests is a 5 person quest, so we'll see if I get that one done. I'd really like to find a couple of people that I can group with for taking on quests like this and instance running...something like a guild. ROFL.

Actually, I did sign a guild charter to help someone out, so we'll see how that goes. Nobody had logged on in the past day, though. So it doesn't look promising...

I did get an invite of sorts from a guild that was looking to increase its membership, but I really didn't like the name. Sons of Vicious Mothers. I know, I know, it's all in jest, but still, I don't want that name above my head.

So, she's coming along just fine. I have freezing trap now, so maybe a little RFC action is up next....

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