Monday, March 10, 2008

Hunter goodness

I have had a hunter ever since I started playing WoW.

My first hunter was Rysteranch, the Troll, with his faithful companion PuddyTat, the Barrens Huntress. My troll survived to level 49 and was relegated to twink status to farm BGs and low level instances for the rest of the Ryster team over on Spinebreaker.

After I got tired of the repeated gankings on the PvP server, I decided to reroll as Alliance over on Baelgun. My first toon was a Pally and quickly became a bank alt. My second is the much heralded Daxenos. And my third is Rysteranch, the Night Elf Hunter, with HIS faithful companion PuddyTat, a Tedrissal black striped cat. He is level 70 and somewhat active.

With over 119 levels of huntering behind me, I started another hunter, Daxen the Blood Elf, over on Ravenquest so I could experience the Horde side of things again. Daxen's first pet was, like my others, a beginning area kitty, which I named PuddyTat (how original).

So, yesterday, Daxen at level 15, was looking to find a pet that had dash so she could train PuddyTat with it. She bought a stable slot and went looking around Durotar for a raptor. She soon realized that she might be in for a couple of fights before she found her new pet, so she decided to tame a "trash" pet.

Enter some poor level 7 black boar.

Daxen had no issues taming the boar and after feeding it, sent it in to tank a scorpid that was blocking the way.


I (yes perspective change) was in love. I had never run with a piggy, so I'd never been able to experience the thrill of the charge. That sucker took off like a rocket! WHAMMO!!!! Even without the benefit of training, my piggy did a great job of holding aggro and taking the hits.

I immediately named her Pigglet. Yes, how original. 134 levels of huntering, and I've finally got my first pig. What a noob!

PS. And when she dies for the first time...BACON!!!!....before rezzing.....

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Pablo said...

Piggies are very cool. I just wish I would have realized that back when it would have been more practical to get one of the ones out of the Razorfang instances. Not that I don't love my plagued swine and all...