Monday, March 10, 2008

Pug guy in action again

Saturday, Dax played Pug guy again; this time it was for his old guild, The Iron Ring(TIR)! It seems that Turion has done a bang up job of recruiting and conned,erm, persuaded enough level 70's to join his guild for a Kara run.

So, 8 Iron Ringers, one PuG'd Warlock, and Pug Guy Dax headed into Kara for what I thought would be a wipefest. Oh, I didn't mention it, but we only had two healers. Now both of the healers were in mostly T4 or equivalent and had over +1700 healing, but still, we only had two.

The first try on Attunmen resulted in one wipe on trash and another on him. By the time we got to the second try on him, trash had respawned and joined the fight! Ok, meet up at the entry, buff up, and clear trash again. This time the trash went faster as now the raid knew we weren't kidding about trash respawns!

I'm pretty sure we had at least two tries on Attunmen that time. Anyways, the last time (ha ha) we killed him! And there was much rejoicing. Kat won the leather thingamajigs that dropped and Av won the plate. So gratz on them. I had to leave after that, but they continued on the the Moroes wipefest with another healer.

We started with the crackhead Moroes. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Etc, etc. Of course, every raid has to figure out the best strategy depending on their raid make up. DA has two warriors tanking Moroes and a druid tanking the adds; we burn down all the adds and then kill Moroes.

TIR has no such make up. In fact, I didn't realize it, but tanking of the adds wasn't really discussed. So, we were just letting whoever had aggro on the add, tank it.....ROFL!! No, it did not go well....and I got Cleaning the House aggro and had to leave.

So, after I left, the raid continued with another healer and tried the strategy of keeping all of the adds CC'd and just burning Moroes. This seems to be the best strategy for them as they got him all the way down to 3% on one try.

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