Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Posting is sooooooooooooooooo last week

Uh, yeah.

I really need to post some more. I've been up to plenty on WoW - Rysteranch is getting a daily dose of sunshine and PuddyTat is lovin' it.

Ok, let's go with that. Saturday, Rysteranch got to be in on a Kara run for the first time. This was The Iron Ring's 2nd week being in Kara, and Turion, the Pally Tank, was gracious enough to invite the Huntard along.

I didn't noob it up too bad. I wasn't tasked with freezing anything, just the occasional Misdirect and of course, Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS. Attunment went down and hunter bracers dropped. I absolutely refused to even link my bracers or consider taking the loot. There were two guild hunters that got to roll on them, and I was more than fine with that.

On to Moroes; we ended up pulling him before one of the hunters was back. Whoops. 9 man?

YES! That's right, we ended up nine manning Moroes. Killed him dead. He dropped some nice leather boots. The raid had no leather wearers. I saved the boots from a terrible sharding future.

So, now I have some nice epic leather boots with a +Int gem in them to offset the loss from the boots I was wearing. Cool, a real epic!

Then either Sunday or Monday, Turion and the gang (and Rysteranch) were in Heroic Mech. There are some nice gloves that drop off Calculator that my hunter had yet to see in the 3 or 4 times he'd been in there. And, long story short, they dropped! We were so excited that we decided to try the fire chick....and killed her! That's the first time we've killed her on Heroic.

Last night, no Kara, so Rysteranch went on the daily Heroic, which was Sethekk Halls. I did have to trap my way through the instance, but was able to top the damage meter until the very end. The DPS warrior was able to stay alive on the last boss, and I found out it's hard to DPS when you're dead. Meh. Got BoJ's and little ring and a lot of fun. Woot on me!

So, there ya go. A little update on what I've been up to. Tonight is Pox night, so Daxe will be in Wailing Caverns with the Purple Poxers. Yay!

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