Friday, February 29, 2008

And the loot gods smiled

I've been playing my poor neglected hunter more as of late. So, after work yesterday, Turion and Rysteranch made plans for Botanica. Turion has run it about a billion times in hopes of a shoulder drop (which had yet to drop). Rysteranch has never been in there, but has heard that Warp Splinter had two things he wanted: 1/2 of the Arcatraz key and the Beast Lord Chestpiece.

So, he rounds up a party (which turned out to be the same people from the other day in Bot that I didn't blog about) and off we go. I'm on a bit of a time limit after work, so we killed the first boss, skipped the 2nd and 3rd bosses and got to the 4th boss. I got put on adds, which turned out to be laughably easy. shoulder drop. Turion weeps quietly in the corner where he thinks I don't see him....

Off to Warp Splinter! We did the two AoE pulls, readied ourselves for the fight, and engaged! The first appearance of adds didn't go that well as they got off a heal on WS, but after that, I was oriented better and was able to DPS both the boss and catch the adds as they spawned. WS didn't get healed again, and we easily downed him.

And he dropped two blue items; neither of them looked like a chest piece and I was busy trying to kill the last set of adds. Then Turion spoke up..."Hey, there's your chest piece." (not even a HINT of envy in his voice, either). Wha?? Wooo Hoooo!!! "May I need?", I asked. I know, I know: Yes, I'm the only mail wearer in the group. And, Yes, it's hunter gear. And Yes, everyone knew that's why I was in here.

But, I asked anyways. Why? Out of respect and gratitude to the party. Sure, they wouldn't have thought twice if I had simply YOINKED it on a need roll, but I know how I feel when someone rolls need without notice. I didn't want others feeling that way about me. And, if someone had objections, I'm sure we could have talked about it. Even if I was denied the piece, for bad reasons, I would (hopefully) go along with the group's decision because I can get that item after a couple of hundred runs, but it takes a lot longer to get back the reputation loss of being a ninja.

Fast forward to Kara that evening. Daxenos is merrily healing away and adding some pathetic DPS, when suddenly (out of nowhere!) Attunmen goes down. And coughs up the healing gloves - the cloth ones even! I'm not sure if I let out a squeal or not...but I indicated that I would like to have them to replace the green "of the physician/prophet" gloves that I currently had. And I got them.

Now, looking back, I should have inspected the other priest before accepting them. See, the other priest is both the Raid Leader and Guild Master, and a darn fine one! He often will pass gear along to others rather than taking it for himself. When the healing cloak dropped off Prince, he actually tried to get us to roll on it rather than taking to replace his crappy blue. Thankfully, I had the insight to inspect him first so I could absolutely refuse to comply! I'm going to have to look him up on the armory to see if I messed up. I'm pretty sure my gloves were crappier than his, but I'd rather be sure sure.

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