Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Alt?? What, are you crazy???

So, Ess over at Outland Bound has proposed an interesting idea that I've touched on before. And that is the idea of getting 5 people together, rolling new toons on a server that none of them have toons on, and leveling as a group.

So far, she's rounded up 7 of us that are interested and has expanded the idea to two groups so that we have a Kara premade...(LOL!!). Yes, I suggested that.../sheepish. So, early discussion has determined:

Faction: Horde
Server: Normal (PvE)

That's it for now. We'd try to get together once a week for questing/instancing/fun and hopefully would be able to get our own guild together for the group. I've linked her blog in my More Interesting Blogs list, so if you're interested, give her a shout.

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