Monday, February 18, 2008

The Experiment

Wow, it's been an interesting weekend! Playing WoW without leveling!! Of course, the Experiment is not meant to be the anti-leveling project (just the anti-PuG).

So, what does one do when one is broke and can't earn xp from kills? I found a couple of activities that would allow me to play and not contribute to my leveling. I also discovered that there is a certain activity that I used to loathe....that now I really like....

So, yes, Daxe the BE is lvl 10 and waiting for Wed. night so she can group up with Madja (Ess), Salindiar (Mr. Ess), Waradwenne (Waradwen), and Harisan (Nasirah) AKA The Purple Poxers! I think she leveled to 10 on Friday, so that left the rest of the weekend to ....make money?

I needed cash, and I needed to level cooking, so I turned to .... Fishing! Now, I have not liked fishing for a while, but I am able to push through something I don't like in order to get something I want. And I wanted 150 cooking and cash (vending the fish yields a small amount of money). So, off to Orgrimmar to work on this most hated skill.

I easily got my skill up to 150 for both fishing and cooking sometime on Friday or Saturday. But that's not important, what is important, is that I found a way for a low level character to rake in the cash! Think Floating Debris. See, for a lvl 10 toon, it's fairly easy to get to Ratchet. And Ratchet is a safe place to fish for Oily Blackmouths and Tightly Sealed [boxes] or something like that. On Anvilmar, the fish go for a pretty penny, and the boxes contain money, cloth bolts, leather, and the occasional green quality item! So, once I started getting those, I knew my money problems were solved!

I'll be posting some of my discoveries later on, but for now, I have the day off, so WoW is calling!

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