Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little sunshine

Lately, I've been playing Daxenos a lot. Between running Heroics, mining Addy for Daxie to prospect, and getting some rep ground, Dax has definitely been getting his share of sunshine.

Well, yesterday, Rysteranch and Daxie finally were finally able to get their RDA of Vitamin D. Both of them went to Steamvaults and both of them hit revered with Cenarian Expedition.

First up was Ryst, with a PuG. Now, lately, I've been doing PuGs more often just because I want to get Daxie geared up. So when I saw the LF1M DPS call in trade chat, I hemmed....I hawed....I finally whispered that I'd go. I was the last person, so I hurried up and boogied to the instance.

I was the only CC. Doh! Shammy, shammy, priest, druid, hunter. Double Doh! Three mail wearers. Ok, np. I'll still get rep.

Long story/short, I never accidentally broke my own trap during the entire run!! This is a major accomplishment for successful chain trapping. I did have a couple resisted and had to tank the mob while I threw another trap down. But the group had some Uber DPS, so I only had to chain 3 traps together one time. All the other times, 2 traps were all that were needed.

I ended up third on the DPS list (thankfully I was above the tank), which didn't bother me because of the chain trapping. What I did like was the fact that I wasn't very far out of second; I don't know if PuddyTat's DPS was included with mine or separate (I didn't check my own damage I usually missed out on killing the skull due to the chain trapping, but I made up for it by nuking the next couple of mobs.

So, I didn't totally noob it up. I got revered with Cenarian Expedition. I got to *roll* on the Beast Lord Pauldrons (and lost...booohoooohoooo). And got to see SV all the way through.

And, yes, I turned in the quest for my spiffy new hat, flew down to the quartermaster and picked up my Glyph of Ferocity and my new arrows. Yay on me!!

Daxie is going to be on another post....

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