Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Discovery

Too often in the world of MMORPG's, the first three letters get all the attention, while the last three are often forgotten. I mean, other than you RP server people out there, who actually acts (ingame) like their character would act? I sure don't. Well, haven't anyways, until this last weekend.

Please indulge me in my description of what a female Blood Elf might be like. My concept of the fBE is they are very much like the public image of Paris Hilton or a Brittney Spears.

Vain? Check!
Self-centered? Check!
Cruel? Oh yeah!
Attractive? Without a doubt!
Attention hogs? Yup!
Narcissistic? Their picture is in the Wikipedia definition, for cryin' out loud!

Ok, with that picture in mind, I decided to entertain myself while fishing in Orgrimmar. Now playing a female, especially a BE, usually garners a fair share of whistles, flirts, and sometimes even whispers. It was one of those whispers that brought out my inner BE...lol.

I can't even remember what the other player said, but my response was to....erm...lead him on. I think I referenced something adultish and told him he'd have to be older to understand. His reply was that he was 34....yeah, right! So, on that basis, I decided to see how hot and bothered I could get this guy; I mean, that's the normal response of a BE female!

I had gone out of his sight (I was fishing in the Valley of Honor) when he asked where I was. So, I proceeded to toy with him about how sexy he was and that I'd love for him to find me. He enlisted a friend's help, so I got to whisper BOTH of them sweet nothings, while avoiding telling them where I was. Yes, hide and seek, FTW!! They tried a tricky move (inviting me to a group) and begged me to tell them or give them a clue. Of course, I had stripped down and was just wearing my bikini...and told them so.....

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... ah ha ha ha.......ahhhhhhhhh

Yeah, I laughed a lot! Madja was in on the joke and just kept shaking her head, I'm sure. So, when they finally found me, I hugged them and waved. And then, after a minute or so, I /said "WHAT THE???" I proceeded to tell them that I was AFK and my son must have been leading them on (all of this said out loud for Madja and Salindiar's amusement). I ended with, "I'm a 40 year old man, you don't want any of this!!" To which the three of us Poxers burst out laughing in the poxic channel. LOL!!!! Oh, man, it was priceless!

The next day, the same two guys started whispering me, and I got to toy with them a bit more! Oh, what fun!!


gamedame said...

Uh. Wasn't Abuto there too?? Or else I'm psychically dreaming...

smgeier said...

Oh, man, that's... that's too much.

Daxenos said...

Sorry Game Dame, the days kinda ran together, and I forgot who was where doing what...lol.

Oh, yeah....Abuto was there too!!

hahahahahahahahahahaha.....ah ha ha ha......ahhhhhhhhhhh


Beowulfa said...

LOL. And you've raised imitating the BE laugh to an art form. Don't break too many hearts! :)