Monday, February 25, 2008

AH mogul

Over the weekend, Daxe made her presence known at the AH. As I've mentioned previously, I've never played the Auction House in order to flip items to make cash. That was a mistake.

It turns out, that my particular strategy is fairly lucrative! I focus on the very bottom of the market usually less than 20 silver. I made a fair amount of gold marking items up 30-40 silver, but I also had some creative ideas as well.

As most people know, the Deviate Scale Belt, and the pattern for it, are fairly scarce on the Alliance side. It's not because the quest isn't available, it's just that most Ally players forget about Wailing Caverns or don't know the quest for the pattern is for both factions. So, the item/pattern is priced pretty low on the Horde side and significantly higher on the Ally side. Enter the Neutral AH.

See, a level 10 Horde player has absolutely no problems getting to Booty Bay via Ratchet, and so, has access to the Neutral AH. I was able to buy 4 patterns on the Horde AH for 1 gold each and post them on the Neutral AH for 5 gold each. And all of them sold!

I also was able to buy the belt for 5 gold, and repost it on the Neutral for 15 gold. Easy money!

Another nice discovery I found is that people don't always check at what a vendor would give them before listing it on the AH. I've lost track of the things that I've bought out on the AH and turned right around and made gold (yes gold!) from selling it to a nearby vendor.

And, last, but not least, I admit that I gladly take advantage of people who miss post items. Case in point? I bought the [Ardent Defender] for 5 gold. BUYOUT! I'm sorry you missed the zero or put the number in the wrong box, buddy, but I'll be getting you your 5 gold and relisting it for 88 gold!


Rabbit Stew said...

The sound of "ka-ching!" when you are online was getting deafening. So I logged off to try to learn me some Bottom Scanner. Ok, I am not the wheeler and dealer that you are. But oh the JOY when I flipped a scope selling for 5 silvers for 20 silvers. Rolling in coin I am.
BTW: fantastic working of the Neutral AH. (appreciative clap)

Daxenos said...

lol, thanks! All the work was done by BottomScanner; I just press Yes or No. Ok, I do some evaluation of what I think an item is actually worth.