Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daxie does Steamvaults

Yup, after dinner, and due to inclement weather - no Kara, Daxie teamed up with the recently respec'd Prot Pally Turion and 3 DPSers. Well, 2 DPSers and a holy pally with a 2

There were only a couple of times that Daxie got behind on healing, and the only deaths that occurred were on our one wipe due to fears into other mobs. I take responsibility for that because for some reason, Decursive was not compatible - not outdated, incompatible! /sigh. I couldn't click fast enough to dispell the fear in time.

On the upside, Daxie got a nice healing staff off the second boss and.....The Battlecast Hood recipe off the last boss!!! She was VERY excited! Links to guildchat brought cries of envy from the other tailors in our guild...haha.

So, after hitting revered with Cenarian Expedition, I was so happy to buy my Watcher's Cowl. So, why didn't I? I had to blow 120 Gold gemming out my quest reward from Steamvaults!!

Only to find out later, that the 10 Gold Watcher's Cowl is better..../facepalm!!! Dang it! /sigh, time to do some more questing for money.

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