Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS. The phrase is a BRK Worldwide Amalgamated copyrighted entity, but it's practice is encouraged and cheered by hunters WoW wide.

Last night in non-Heroic Steam Vaults, Rysteranch got a chance to show he can hang with the medium sized dogs and not noob it up. We had Turion, the Pally, on tanking duties, a pally healer, a warlock, a shadow priest, and yours truly. Oh, and PuddyTat, of course.

Let me say right now that I love me some Pally tankin'.....at least Turion's version! "CC? No thanks, I'd rather take on all these mobs myself!" Which meant no chain trapping for the hunter! Woot on me! As an aside, I don't mind chain trapping - it's kinda fun, but it tends to detract from MQoSRDPS. I do believe that this is the first instance where my sole job was to burn down the current target. And that I did.

Turion promised me we'd be done in 45 minutes, and while I had my doubts, they were quickly dispelled. Pull, kill, pull, kill, pull, kill. There was just enough time between pull for Turion to mana up; it was very exciting. I was able to keep Aspect of the Viper up all the time AND had Might and Kings Blessings as well. Mana was not an issue; I always had plenty, even after a fight where I TRIED to empty my mana pool.

I was able to average in the high 400's to low 500's for DPS and spiked on a boss fight for over 700 DPS. I tried to do preemptive Feign Deaths when I passed 120% of Turion's threat, and at that, only drew aggro twice. Both times, I immediately Feigned Death, and Turion burned his taunt. They never touched me.

We did have one pull that didn't go as planned (adds from out of nowhere), but the team persevered through the fight, focused fire, and survived. In fact, we didn't have any deaths at all, so good job Pally healer!

In the end, I topped the Damage meter, got the Beast Lord leggings (not quite sure if it's an upgrade without the rest of the set), earned some rep, and got to witness an awesome display of tanking! Good job, Turion!

/sniff...sniff, It's so rewarding to see them all grown up and doing things on their own....Fly Turion!!! Fly!!! The student has become the master; all hail Tank Turion!

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