Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hodge Podge

Last night was a bust for the Purple Poxers; unfortunately, one of our team's Internet connection decided to crap out on them, so they weren't able to log on. I'm still hoping that we can get together as a team some time this week.

We did, however, incorporate the guild: Pox Arcanum. It was pretty cool getting everyone together with tabards and taking a screen shot. There was a lot of /silly(ing) and /flirt(ing) going on, as well as /gasp(s) and /slap(s) thrown in for good measure. I got to help some (now) guildies out of their clothes....and into my Signature series. Many thanks to Madja (Ess) for coming up with my store name: Daxe Fifth Avenue.

I'll only be carrying the highest quality cloth items, of course, designer bags, and those special sparklies that make even the manliest Orc go "oooooooo, shiney".

On the plus side, I've started my AH flippin' career. I'm starting simple, buyouts around 10-15 silver that I can turn around for 50 silver, but I did find a SCREAMIN' deal! The [Face Smasher] (sorry no link at work) was listed for 81 silver!! Auctioneer said that it usually goes for 25 gold buy out! So, I snagged it and listed for 19 gold bid/25 gold buyout. Even if it doesn't sell, I'm sure I can get at least 5-10 gold out of it.

In other AH news, I found a pretty healing necklace for a lvl 62, for 2 gold. The VENDOR sale price was over 3 gold. So I bought it and vendored it for a quick gold, but after thinking about it, I figured I'd list it for 6 gold/8 gold and see who bit. Later on that evening, I checked, and I had a bidder! So, I'll get at least a 4 gold profit from it. Yay me!

My Oily Blackmouth continue to sell well. I plan on fishing up more of them this weekend on both of the servers I play on. It turns out that there is a bit of a shortage on Baelgun (alliance side) and Daxe, the NE druid, was able to sell a stack for 4 gold!

Speaking of fishing, Daxenos finally fished up the Weather Beaten Journal. He still had a whole lot of trunks that he'd fished up when he found it, so he sent them to Daxe the NE Druid. Then, she started opening them and found the Journal on the fifth box!! So, she sent the rest to Daxie! Daxie started opening them, and, bingo! there it is! So, SHE sent the remainder of the boxes to Rysteranch, who needs to work on his fishing first. All, in all, a good night on the fishing front!

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Fuller said...

Dang, you've gotten alot of those journals. Fuller keeps fishing, and he hasn't gotten one yet.