Monday, April 27, 2009

World Firsts

This weekend was full of World Firsts....for Denali.

Friday, we packed up the pup and headed down to Franklin, IN to see my mother-in-law and the cats. My M-i-L has 6 cats, all of which are currently bigger than Denali, so I wasn't too sure how this particular socialization would go.

It turned out to be sort of anti-climatic. The cats sniffed around Denali; Denali kind of sniffed the cats; and that was that. The cats kept a wide berth, and Denali stayed busy investigating one of their mouse toys. Denali's World First meeting kitties was ho-hum.

Saturday was a recovery day, so no World Firsts for Denali. My wife and I did have another Tango lesson....mmmmm....mmmmm....mmmmm! Still liking this dance!

Later that evening, we took the kids to La Trattoria to celebrate my birthday on the 26th. Yeah, a World First for me, that being 42. I'm officially in my forties...YAY!!!

Then, Sunday, our puppy had TWO world firsts! Number one was....A BATH! I'll be posting pics later tonight, but suffice to say, she was not happy. I got to hold her down while my wife did the shampooing. After her rinsing, I could tell why she wasn't happy....she looked like a drowned rat!! Vanity, thy name is Denali!

We dried her off as best we could and brushed her a little bit. And then we took her on another World First....A WALK! With a leash, even!!

At first, Denali fought with the leash, and we thought we'd end up carrying her, but for whatever reason, she caught on to the idea and started trotting along with us. It helped to have one of us walk ahead of her as she seemed to be trying to catch up with the "lead dog". Of course, she may have just been in survival mode to get through the event - I'll have to check her blog or her diary...

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Deathrender said...

Happy B-day man!