Monday, April 20, 2009

Denali comes Home

YAY!!! We have our new puppy! I'll be uploading some more pics but you'll have to deal with prose for now.

So far, we have had almost all of her waste products delivered outside...yes, OUTSIDE! On Sunday morning, I didn't see the warning signs, and she left a lake in the hallway, but other than that, pretty much all liquid has been peed outside.

The solids are a somewhat different matter as she was able to squeeze out a partial before we could catch her, but the larger balance was always done on the grass...outside. I don't have any illusions that she's anywhere near potty trained, but I am seeing some encouraging behavior...mostly on our part for catching her.....but I'm encouraged nonetheless.

Ok, with the crap out of the way (pun inten....uh, nevermind), let me tell you I think we got the pick of the litter. No, really!

She doesn't whine for her mommy or siblings.

She is engaging and playful.

She (mostly) chews on her toys with our hands/feet being the big exceptions.


She loves to cuddle (and bite my beard...hmmm.....).

She sleeps through the night!

And, the biggest thing of all....I think that I'll be able to mount some 50 cal machine guns on her when she's older!! Of course, I'll have to fit her for ear protection and some goggles/tracking H.U.D....

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Anonymous said...

I think you did get the pick of the litter!! She is adorable. If I/We were going to keep one, She would have been the one. Glad she is working out so well and I am sure you will have many years of enjoyment. If you haven't figured out, Nelsie has her sister. They were so adorable, but, of course, all puppies are adorable, but I am also biased !!!! SJ