Monday, April 6, 2009

/sigh....this is what happens...

....when WoW falls off the table.

I'm tired of EVE; I'm not going to play it any more. Period. Done.


I picked up Fable: The Lost Chapters. I'm almost halfway through it and am not really thrilled with any replayablility that it might offer. It is an enjoyable game...I'm just not sure if I'll be replaying it.

Ok, so that's not what happened; allow me to ramble more before I tell you what DID happen.

Saturday, my youngest son and I went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum to see the Star Wars: The Clone Wars exhibit.

What....a....waste! Sure, the display had a couple of cool things like two outfits from the new movies and a couple of lightsabers. I also realized that the exhibit was based on the cartoon series on TV (and the animated movie), so I didn't expect a lot of the movie paraphernalia.

BUT!!, I did expect more than two hallways of displays that were tucked away in the bottom floor of the museum...I mean, if you advertise something on billboards, shouldn't you be putting it in a readily accessible area? We ended up going through the whole museum before we found the stupid thing! grrr...

As an aside, the comic book collection was better than the Star Wars collection, imo.

Ok, and now for WHAT HAPPENED!!! So, because I wasn't sucked into WoW, I agreed to go down to Martinsville (IN) with my wife to see her Paternal Grandfather and to see her Great Aunt on her mother's side.

Now, my wife's "cousin" (the Great Aunt's son) raises wolves (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!) and American Eskimo dogs. So, we were going down to see the wolves, their two pups, and a batch of five week old Eskimo puppies.

The wolves were...AWESOME! Oh, boy!! The male must have weighed in at 200 pounds and stood well over 6 feet tall (on his hind legs). He was HUGE!! He also allowed us to (somewhat) pet him through the fence; in fact, my wife was able to scratch and rub him around his neck, which it seemed he enjoyed.

The female was really stand offish, so we didn't get to pet her.

We did, however, get to hold and play with the wolf pups! They were sooooooo cute!! They were about the size of a full grown pomerainian, but they weighed in about 10 pounds heavier! Talk about solid!! And, we were able to get them howling!! Talk about cute, overload! lol.

And then we saw the Eskimo puppies.....Hole.....E......Crap!!! They were adorable!!! There were four of them - two bigger ones and two smaller ones, three girls and one boy. My wife started...getting attached.

Now, I've known for a while that my wife has been wanting a dog, but our oldest son (who is 19) has asthma, so getting a dog (or any other pet) always been a mote point because of him. Well, I guess my wife thinks our son can handle being around the dog because....We agreed to buy one.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????", I jokingly asked my wife on the way home. Of course, I'm knee deep in this right along with her because we both were on the same page in getting the dog. We've had the conversation over and over again in the past, so when she decided that the asthma wouldn't be an issue (she's an RN, ya know), I was ready to give the OK.

So, we have to wait about two weeks for Denali (yes, we named her already) to be fully weaned; after that, we'll be able to pick her up and start our new life as dog people.

We are in for a world of hurt....


Robin said...

Awww. Denali is such a cute name! I want pictures! Come back to WOW also! There is no one to help me pick on Jay.

Jay said...

Hey now! No one picks on me and gets away with it! I will have my revenge! your feet will not be spared!


Gratz on the new Hunter pet!! Denali is indeed a name full of win!

Daxenos said...

idk about WoW....

I've been reading up on looks like a huge chore!

I might have to take some time off, even, but from what I can tell, I can't expect Denali to hold her bladder until about three months.

THREE MONTHS???!!!! I can't take off that much time!