Friday, April 17, 2009

Honoring IMAO

IMAO has allowed the right wing blogging community to honor them with various awards, so in the spirit of the last couple of posts, I present IMAO with the following award.

I'll also include the presentation email:

Dear Harvey et al at IMAO,
It is my extreme pleasure to notify you that you have been selected by the Mutagenics Society of America for an Honorary Tentacle award for your groundbreaking and innovative work in the area of dinosaur research.

Here at the MSA, we are committed to using our innate capitalist nature to exploit and develop homemade bio/chemical/and nuclear weapons out of the resources that surround us, including waterfowl, wild rice, and old Missus Johnson's cat.

To date, our efforts have resulted in significant algae blooms in the test pond with the hopes that mutations will soon occur in the resident wildlife and can be exploited for various right wing purposes - home defense being at the top of the list.

MSA recognizes a kindred soul in IMAO and wishes to encourage and promote the kind of research that our great grandchildren can see with their own three eyes.

Dax (AKA Rusty)

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Jason said...

You're losing your mind sir.. I think it's time to come back to WoW. /open arms

The game loves you and misses you.