Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Beast

It has over 8100 miles on it.

It has seen the wilderness of Alaska. Resurrection trail, if anyone is interested...

It took me to work for two years straight in Anchorage (yes, including winters!).

It has seen 4.5 miles in -16 degree F. temps....twice!

And I haven't ridden it in almost two years....FOR SHAME!

Well, that all changed today. I cranked out 5 miles in 25 minutes on a sunny 65 degree F day. It was AWESOME! I'm really glad to be out and riding again. Hopefully, I'll be saying goodbye to this spare tire that has attached itself to my midsection....

I used to keep a log of my mileage, and I'm not sure how I'm going to keep track of it. I might just look for a widget that I can enter my miles in here and keep track of them. It has the added benefit of showing you all what a total animal I am....that is, if the last post didn't do that

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