Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The temptation is getting harder to resist

The temptation to play in Northrend, that is.

I did resist, however, and Nitrodax is up to 40. I have Volley now....and a gorilladin....can you say AoE leveling? I can! Prior to getting Volley, I would round up three or so mobs, Serpent Sting each one, Multishot every time it was on cooldown, and burn them down one at a time. Now, with Volley, I'll be rounding up more, and Volley, Volley, Volley!! woot!

Now, I have to say, all 4 of my hunters love their PuddyTats, but I think, for leveling and soloing, I'm a true convert to my gorilladins. Heck, even Rysteranch has gotten into the swing of things and tamed one last night.

On the subject of apes, while all of my hunters' kitties are named PuddyTat, all of their gorilladins have different names.

Dwarfvader's ape is named PuddyTat. It goes along with his quirky, fun-loving, life is one big party personality. That and he's just plain lazy.

Smoochie was next to get one, and after declining to name it Dwarfvader to spite her "rival", she named it Elsee. Smoochie is a noble, serious Draenai that doesn't suffer fools....and doesn't want to name her pets after them....

Nitrodax got her simian and immediately named it....Dwarfvader. Since she hasn't had to compete with DV for leveling time AND since she relies on him to mine/smelt ore for her Blacksmithing, it's sort of a dig/respect thing for her.

And finally, as I mentioned, Rysteranch got his new gorilladin - a red one - and since he really misses his human tank, he named it Teurion. I'm sure Teurion will love to see that when he returns....lol.

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