Monday, November 24, 2008

The Jury is Back

...and gorilladins are all win AND overpowered!

Over the weekend, I got little Nitrodax up to 55. I've been doing quite a bit of AoE killing with DV the Gorilladin, and I'm very impressed with his ability to hold aggro on multiple mobs.

For the most part, I allow two Thunderstomps (TS) before I start with the Volleying. Before that, I hit DV's assigned target with a Serpent Sting and maybe throw out a Multi-Shot. Then it's VolleyVolleyVolley. I usually don't get that third Volley off before the mobs are dead, but it just sounds better as VolleyVolleyVolley.

Anyways, hunters, arguably the easiest class to level, just got easier! With Aspect of the Viper being available at...uh, 30?...20?....anyways, a lot lower level....and Steady Shot at 50(!!!!)....and Volley at 40....AND an AoE tanking pet, sheesh, I spend more time traveling between zones than actually killing stuff! I mean, yesterday morning, I did two entire levels (no rest XP - dinged 52 and 53) in 5 and a half hours.

But, before you think this is a whiney piney post for the olden days when you had to level with just a sharp stick and die 50,000 times before getting to the level cap, I absolutely love leveling this fast. I also love being overpowered and on easy mode. I can wait for the challenges in the end game, but leveling, I'll take the easy route. Of course I can always grab a mob that's 5 levels above me if I want a challenge.

And speaking of OP and challenges, yesterday, I grabbed three same level mobs to AoE down for questing purposes a level 55 Devilsaur (elite) as an add! Whoops. I figured I'd try to at least kill the original mobs so I did waste my time and then feign death.

But, as the fight progressed, I saw that DV was doing ok with my Mend Pet and Gift of the Naaru. Suddenly, I thought, I just might be able to pull this off! I smacked an Intimidation to stop some incoming damage, then set off Beastial Wrath to prevent some fearing, and wha-la, dead Devilsaur! I was 53 at the time.

After that, I started pulling bigger groups. Mount up, gather up a bunch of mobs, Hunter's Mark one to dismount, allow DV to TS twice, and burn 'em down. And rake in the XP. While I still won't just grind for XP, it has become much faster to gather up quest mobs and complete quests this way.

Ok, this post has gone on long enough, but I have more to say, so I'll let you all read this wonderful prose and post something later. Cheers!

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