Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check that one off

The weaponsmith quest, that is. I spent a considerable amount of time mining Iron and Mithril on DV yesterday. For what it's worth, Alterac Mountains seems to be the best area for mining Iron. Badlands comes close, but Alterac has less people in it.

I also got Nitrodax up to 56; Outlands is only two levels away! I'll probably get there tomorrow night, as I can stay up late!

And, VA's surgery is scheduled for Dec 5th, and I know she'd appreciate all of your prayers. She's also wanting to get back into WoW afterward as she thinks it'll greatly help out in her rehab. So, things may be picking up in the guild. If it works out, great; I just hope she doesn't try to push herself too hard and do more harm than good.

If Teurion and VA do start playing again, they mentioned they'd like to start their DeathKnights, so I might leave the Outlands quests alone on Nitro so I can level with them. We'll just have to see.


Sad said...

Do send Va and Teurion my very best wishes for a speedy recovery!
And I think DK's will be a good way to rehab but only in moderation.They are absolutely amazing ... now if only I could merge my DK and lock into one I'd be unstoppable lol.
Happy Turkeyday!!

Daxenos said...

Will do, Sad.

And, I'm feeling unstoppable with my gorilladin! We'll see how Outlands goes...lol.