Monday, November 24, 2008

Still playin' BC

As I've mentioned before, I wasn't done with the Burning Crusade XPac, so...I'm still playing it (as I'm sure you all are tired of hearing). For that matter, I'm still playing vanilla WoW for a bit also.

Nitrodax is a Blacksmith. I did this because

1) I don't have the profession covered.
B) I didn't have easy access to Enchanting rods
#) There is no ##, I just wanted to put that.

I was originally going to skip specialization, but after I read up on it, I saw that the BoP Axes are pretty nice! So, I'll be making her an Axesmith. I'm not really looking forward to grinding the mats for the Weaponsmith quest (I was an idiot and made armor to level up, then DE'd it). I haven't even looked into what I need to do for the Axesmith quest, but I'm sure it's not easy.

But...what's the rush? I mean, the new XPac just came out, my main playing partner (Teurion) is unable to play currently, and I have plenty of time to get my 6 main toons to 80. So what if it takes me a week to mine the mats (it probably won't, but...).

So often, I'm guilty of rushing through stuff to get it done. I get antsy and impatient. I really need something like this project to slow me down and force me to take it easy.

I know, it kind of seems contrary to the last post where I bragged about how fast I'm leveling my newest hunter. And that's why I constantly need to remind myself to be patient. To take it easy and not get too amped up about the game - this really helps me in my home life and keeping the game in perspective.

See, when I get all excited about playing the game and super motivated about leveling/crafting/raiding/etc, I lose perspective in real life, as you all have read about. By pressing the issue of patience and putting up roadblocks (goals that have little value but I'm compelled to complete them), I hope to temper my desire to geek out all the time in game. Rather, I hope that I'm able to drop it in a hot second when something more important (read anything in RL) comes up.

Does it work? Sometimes. This last weekend I had some success and some failure in this area. I opted out of going to a movie with my wife and son, but I did volunteer to cook dinner for my inlaws. (Not justifying either action, just reporting)

I have a burn to get to 58 and Outlands. I really wanted to make 60 by Thanksgiving, but I know that in order to get there I'll probably get sucked into the computer to my family's exclusion. Doh! Can't do that.

So, I come up with a goal that forces me to slow it down and keep perspective. I have a pretty easy time dropping what I'm doing when it's just mining. I can do that any time!

I didn't mean for this post to go the way it has, but I sure needed the pep talk and reminder. I'm not in a

Can't be in a rush....

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