Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to WoW

Last night, I did some work on DV's Engineering. So much work (and AH buying) that DV dinged 375! I still have to collect some of the mats for my Turbo Charged Flying Machine...and 5K, but at least I can make it now. That, and a new gun.

Nitro is up to 18, almost 19 and has Enchanting up to around 82 or so. I need to gather up some more greens for DEing, and I broke down and enchanted an item over and over. The main reason I chose to do this rather than putting it on a vellum is that it only cost one strange dust. And I have plenty.

The closer and closer that Rash of the Itching gets, the more I'm leaning toward leveling DV first. He will be able to make arrows and bullets for the other two (three?) hunters and be able to mote extract as well, which I'm sure will play a big part in leveling all of my professions.

Of course, I'm sure that I'll do some hopping around to take advantage of rest XP, but when I run out of that on all my toons, DV will probably get the nod. Of course, Nitro needs to get to 35 in order to get Ench to 275.

I'm also thinking about WHEN I'll start leveling in Coldlands. I'll be getting all of my new profession caps on the first day, but I absolutely hate competing for mobs/quest items. So I may bide my time over in Outlands (or Oldlands with Nitro) for the first couple of days. I'll still get XP on whoever I play, so it won't be time wasted.


Beowulfa said...

You know, I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. You have a serious problem for which there is no help.

You are addicted to hunters. :D

Will said...

I thought that I had read that they were removing the level requirements for professions.

Daxenos said...

From what I've seen Blizzard removed the level requirements for the gathering professions: skinning, mining, and herbing.

The other profs have retained their level requirements (verified today as I was leveling blacksmithing and enchanting).