Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh Herod, where art thou?

What?? Dead on the floor?? Three times?? Oh.

So, the Purple Poxers went into the Armory and once again, made themselves at home, put their feet on the desks, and drank all the beer. Herod was pretty much a joke while we were level 33 and definitely a laughing stock when we returned at 34 with new/upgraded spells.

Harisan got his shoulder, but other than that, he didn't drop anything else of interest. And, of course, she can't wear it for a couple of levels...haha.

I had some doubts as to whether we could do this instance as the mobs were 35-37 and we were only 33. My fears were definitely unfounded. In fact, we did a couple of 5 pulls (accidentally) and came through unscathed. Add to that the fact that Harisan was having to drink fairly frequently tells me that we could definitely take on bigger pulls and possibly, even take on the Cathedral. At any rate, RFD is up next, so we're upping the ante each week.

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