Tuesday, December 4, 2007

S&M on WoW

Yesterday The Group took on Scarlet Monastery's Cathedral. From the last time we spent together, I expected a good time and was not disappointed. I sent a little analysis email to the involved (and some uninvolved) parties; since I'm feeling lazy, I'll cut and paste it here!


I did a little analysis of our time in SM and found out several things. BTW, I run an addon (Damage Meter) that helps me with this....ok, it provides all the data for this. I get to make the giant leaps of logic to determine what is right and what needs tweaking (oooo, love that sugarcoating....). I am not a fan of posting damage meters in the instance, but they can be useful for looking at some trends.

What went right - EVERYTHING!!!
1. Bloodpebble topped the damage meter at 37%, Turion was next at 25%, and both rarely pulled aggro off DV (3rd - 24%), if at all. A couple of things that this tells us is that I'm learning how to tank better, and the DPS is holding off until I have firmly established aggro.

2. DV topped the damage/healing taken meter - the hog! The meat shield absorbed 66% of the damage dished out, and I forgot what percent of healing, but it was far above the rest of the group. As it should be!

3. Zyyro topped the healing meter. In fact, he was the only one who did any healing! 100%. I should have bandaged myself just to screw things up....8~P. Even though we have two other healers (I KNOW, I KNOW, KAT CAN'T HEAL!!), neither of them had to pony up some health lurvins for the group.

4. Zyyro very rarely pulled healing aggro. Once again, my tanking skills are improving, but also, I credit Myk with keeping a good distance from the fight (has to get 130% of my threat to gain aggro) and with his style of Renew healing. This kind of healing avoids big spikes which can pull off the mobs that aren't so ticked with me.

5. I got better at positioning the mobs with their backs to the DPSers. The more I think about this, the more I realize that it is my responsibility to position the mobs where I want them. In later instances, it becomes critical for the tank to place the mob/boss a certain way in order to minimize damage to the rest of the group. So, I might as well get the skills now, eh?

What needs tweaking
An interesting item on the report is that Tryna was 4th on the damage meter at 8%, even though she is 4 levels above Turion. I'm curious if it's due to her spec, gear, or something else. Turion, can you reply all to this email and let us know what you're doing to do so much freakin' damage?


Turion was kind enough to go through his game play and spells he used. So, RFD is up next on Thursday; I think I'll run Rysteranch through it just to familiarize myself with the place and the fights.

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