Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Bob the Goat had a good post on secondary professions. His love of fishing is equal in intensity and superior in fidelity than mine. Than being said, I now have a fisherman. erm, person. uh, elf?

Let's review fishing skill levels:
Daxenos - 2.
Rysteranch - 50ish
Dwarfvader - 1
Daxie - 1
Muktuk - 0
Smashhammer (bank alt) - 0
Matboy (mat holder) - 0
Daxe - 100+

From that list, guess who the alchemist is, 8~P.

My logic is similar to a lot of people's in that if I'm fishing, I'm not leveling. Who in their right mind has time to sit around clicking on a bobber????

But, here I am, sitting around Darnasty and Darkshore, clicking on a bobber. I needs me some Oily Blackfish to grind up into some sort of oil that I can mix with some Strange Kelp so I can drink the concoction and breath under water. Sounds appetizing!

There are up sides:
I get the mats for Alchemy for free (gold wise, not time wise).
The hunter I run with gets free kitty food.
There are fishing quests!! Woot, I can do some leveling!
I can keep an eye on the TV and sortof watch a show.

So, my method of fishing? I cast and then position the courser over the bobber. I wear headphones w/ a mic attached, so I listen for the splash that the fish makes when I get a hit. I then click on the bobber without ever looking at the screen. I also play on a laptop, so I move my had from the USB mouse to the laptop mouse controls so I don't accidentally move the mouse.

Voila! I can watch TV and play WoW at the same time......but it's still fishing..../wrists.

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