Monday, December 3, 2007

Profession hopping, it's the Gen X thing...

This weekend, I bit the bullet and dumped mining on DV and picked up enchanting. So first Rysteranch got the call to run through Deadmines (VC) and collect some DE stuff. After the second run, I got the bright idea that Dax could make crap out the the linen/wool stuff for DEing purposes.

So, I took Dax through there, and he did even better! No arrow costs. Just PW:shield and start SW:paining the mobs! Collect the money, cloth, and loot! Easy, easy!

DV was able to get his enchanting up past 200 over the weekend and has been able to add a couple of enchants to his existing and future armor sets. I believe he's good to go for DEing drops from The Group that no one wants.

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