Thursday, December 27, 2007

Karazhan, part II

Last night Dax got the call to Kara again. I'm thinking that DA considers Dax to be an adjunct member of the guild. I'm not sure if they're geared well enough to run with two healers, so Dax gets to be the third one.

The raid is definitely getting better, and the play is better coordinated. Last night, we one shotted both Attunmen and Moroes. That's right, one shotted! I believe this was a DA guild first, and there was much rejoicing.

We cleared to Opera and got Romulo and Julianne again. Cool, we know this fight!

Take 1: Julianne down, Romulo down, started third phase. While pulling Romulo over to the corner by the door, the druid hit the door, turned around and had his butt hanging outside the area. The event reset! This would be our best attempt; everyone was on their guy, I was at full mana, and we had solid control of the fight.

Take 2: Julianne down with one raid member death, battle rez raid member and Romulo decides to kill them! Then, my tank died, and we wiped.

Take 3: I asked to be on raid healing; granted. Julianne down. Romulo down. Tanks have a hard time getting aggro. Then, we couldn't keep them apart. Julianne heals Romulo. Romulo runs amok a bit. We wipe.

The raid was call on account of time at that point. So, how did I do? Adequate. While shackling horses, I did a great job, except when I had to switch targets and my previous target was not dead. I forgot to press my modifier key to switch the focus to the new target. Fortunately, the previous priest's shackle held for the entire time I thought I was shackling it. /facepalm.

Another miscue on my part occurred during Opera, and it involved the very subject that I wrote about yesterday. Trust. See, I got put on one of the Main tanks for healing, and the last time, I got put on raid healing. I did a very good job on raid healing (if I do say so myself!), and I didn't know if the other priest could manage it. I know, I know - That's just dumb! Yes, I admit I had absolutely no reason not to trust the other healer, and if I had, I'm fairly certain that we would have downed Opera.

Was the failure my fault? In part. There were other mistakes, and mine contributed to the pile of miscues, mistiming, and just plain bad luck(since when is critting bad???). It just goes to show you that the little things matter, and I'm sure it just gets worse from here.

How about that PHAT LEWT??? Well, I got 3 Badges of Justice and some offhand. Oh yeah, Moroes dropped that offhand. I can't even remember the name, but



I tried to make sure no one else wanted it, but who was I to argue about sharding it!! 8~P

So, tonight, Opera again.

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