Friday, December 7, 2007

The Group in RFD

We went to RFD yesterday, but unfortunately, the run was plagued with outside issues. BP was on the road, and his internet connection was iffy at best. We finally got going at 1 pm server time, and I had to leave in one hour for dinner.

Between BP's disconnect issues and taking our time with the unknown instance, we could only make it to the first boss. It was really no issue; the hardest part was the 4 elite spiders that the gong summons. I didn't even try to mark them for a kill order, and there was quite a bit of chaos in killing them. Thankfully, Turion and Tryna can take a hit, so we did just fine.

On the spider boss, I popped Bloodrage, started sundering, and only lost aggro once near the end to a DPSer. The chestpiece dropped, and Tryna won it!! Gratz to her!

We ended after the boss because I had to go. So, all in all, a good run for all the issues we had. Hopefully we can do an unplanned run on Saturday morning, 5 am server time.

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