Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Group in ZF

Last night The Group went to ZF. The group make up was:

Dwarfvader, lvl46
Zyyro, lvl 45
Syenna (Kat), lvl 44, DPS Warrior
Turion, lvl 46
Bloodpebble, lvl 49

We took it slow and easy. Most of the pulls were three mobs, so one was sapped, and DV tanked the other two. Easy Peasy! Picked up the pats solo and cleared to the first 4 mob pull after the right hand turn. I decided to mark the third one in line for the sap, and the last one for off tanking by Syenna. On the sap, I started towards the first mob, and Syenna headed for the last one.

But...the last one wasn't coming with the first two! I called out over voice to stop, but Syenna had already aggroed it. Dang! We could have had a two and two mob pull. Oh, well. We ended up just fine with the original plan, but I will make a note for the next run.

The guy back in the cave was not an issue; I asked Turion and Syenna to each tank one of the adds. We killed the boss first and then finished up the adds. Syenna got a nice pair of new gloves, so woot on her!

We took on the witch doctor next. Now, I've almost always died on this fight on other characters, so it was refreshing to be alive at the end of the fight! Once again, we killed the boss first and the adds second. I don't remember what dropped or who got it. I may have won a leather item...idunno...

We got two rare spawns in this instance. One was on the end of the long straightaway that begins the instance, and the other was at the entrance to the "stairs" area. Cool to see, loot was so so.

After the second rare spawn, we called the run. It was 10 o'clock in Africa on a work night, and I had to get on dinner. So, we didn't do the stairs or even clear the area. Next time, I hope we get a bit more done; Turion and DV now have the quest to get the tablets...

The only wipe happened when I got lost trying to push through the respawns to the front of the entrance. I forgot to turn left...and ran right into a populated area. And everyone was following me....uh, whoops? BP must have Vanished, but the rest of us just died...

"Why, yes, Miss Spirit Healer, I would like to take you up on your offer to damage my equipment and make me sicker than a dog!"

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