Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Friday evening, Daxie was level 49.

At the end of Christmas, she was 60.

Yes, I had 4 days off, so I was able to play a lot. And, yes, I actually refused my friend's request for help in order to level. And yes, Daxie arrived in Outlands wearing some pretty poor rags, her professions were not 300, and she needed a bath.

But, I got the job done. My goal was Outlands by Christmas. I went through the Dark Portal at 11:30 pm on the 24th! I would like to have her to 70 in two weeks, with her tailoring at 375 (currently it's 0).

So, why the burn all of a sudden? Dax in Kara with Deaths Advocate. I moved Daxie over to DA so that they knew I was committed to helping them progress, and I hope that as soon as Daxie is eligible, to switch over to her in Kara instead of Dax. I've already mentioned that Dax cannot switch guilds, so I think that it's only right that I do everything I can to provide a suitable replacement.

On a side note, Daxie, Shadow priest, HEALED Ramparts on Christmas. I had to rein in the group a bit, but after we slowed down, things went very well. We had a couple of deaths, but no wipes until the second boss. We ended up two shotting him. The last boss wiped us a couple of times as the tank couldn't turn the dragon around and I couldn't keep up the heals. After the second wipe, the MT had to go. But, one of my new DA guildies in the run had already lined up another tank (lvl 70), so we were golden! A nice pair of pants dropped, and Daxie won them!! Completed the quest and got some new shoulders. Woot on her!

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