Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wednesday and the first post this week. Yep, I'm lazy. Now that we have that out of the way, I can proceed to the good news!

Dax dinged 68 on Sunday morning and 69 last night. I'm three bubbles into 69 and hopefully will hit the big seven oh by Friday. I teamed up with a warrior last night in Shadowmoon. I arrived at the keep, looked around, targeted the first person I saw, cast PW: Fort on them, and asked if they wanted to team up. The warrior was 67, so I suppose he was struggling a bit and eating a lot, so I really lucked out. He agreed and off we went. He ended up dying once on an elite 69, but I was able to get away and come back & rez him. Tonight - Neya says he's available, so hopefully we'll be able to get some stuff done!

Did Underbog with my regular group (and a hunter I know). We did very well. Had a couple of deaths, but no wipes. AAAAAAND, I got to use my spiffy new frisbee! Unfortunately, after the tank, it's favorite target was ....... the mage! DOH! We had a rogue and a kitty that would have loved to play frisbee, but the mage hogged it and wouldn't pass it on.....dang! So, I told the mage to try to stay out of melee range (but he was sheeping, so it was difficult) and recast the PoM on the tank. I usually got 2 passes out of it and occasionally 3. I did get 5 one time and was just about beside myself with glee! And loot? I got the Cloak of Healing Rays off Hungerwhat's his name. Nice cape!

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