Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guild news

The great news is that we added three new members to the guild over the weekend! One is a guildie's brother, another is a kid that Ken's been playing with, and the third is a guy I saw at ZF who was pugging. He asked if he could join us, but we already had a full group. He then made a comment about never being part of a guild (he's 49) and I interviewed him during the first couple of pulls. After I found out he was a responsible adult (And lived in the same state as me!) I invited him to join. He accepted! Since then, I've shared some leveling guides, BRK's website, and some netherweave bags with him. He is really happy that he's in the guild, and that makes me really happy!

So, the Outlands 5 man all guild group is coming together.
Gerwintassle - 57 Prot Warrior
Daxenos - 69 Holy Priest
Katynaster - 66 Rogue
Mykell - 67 ?? Mage
Jowgearsr - 63 Warlock
Rysteranch - 66 BM Hunter (if someone else heals. 8-P)

We also have a number of guildies that have reached the high forties/low fifties, so, all guild ZF and Sunken Temple runs are going to be here soon. In fact, if we didn't have a guildie's friend for Saturday night's ZF run, it would have been an all guild run. Now with the additions over the weekend, we should be able to field a ST or ZF team from the guild.

Baby steps.......

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