Thursday, September 6, 2007

Some lights come on slowly....

Like the sunrise in Anchorage, AK in the summer or winter, the light is slowly dawning on me that the trip to 70 is going to be painful for my Holy priest. I've found more partners, but the xp gain is...pathetic - even with rest xp.

And then I think about the coming expansion.....80.....ugh. Oh well, guess I'll keep on pluggin' away and get there some day.

My hunter, on the other hand, rocks! He gained 1/2 a level last night even when partnering with Gerwintassle. Both toons are paired with someone and on rest xp. Of course, I know the game scales in the higher levels, but it seems a little off. Also, I realize I have no problem taking on three mobs my level with my hunter and would really not like it on my priest. So, I know that I can rip through the mobs with Rysteranch but have to go much slower with Dax. As far as killing machines go, Rysteranch and PuddyTat are about the best thing goin'!

In other news, Rysteranch got his Sprite Darter Hatchling, and now PuddyTat has something to chase while we're running around. I really wish I could name him Tweety.

Also, the biggest news of the night: Gerwintassle is BACK IN THE GUILD!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!!11!!!!ELEVEN!!!!ONE!!!!11
I am sooooo very happy he's back from his walkabout. He's also excited about sprucing up the guild with ranks and helping our members level their toons. We've kinda been in a holding pattern for a while, and it feels good to be moving ahead.

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