Thursday, September 27, 2007

42% and counting

Dax is at 42% toward 70. It will be really nice to finally get there and start farming with Rysteranch. By my count, my hunter can provide for:

Tailoring - netherweave cloth, Netherweb spider silk, green items for DE
First Aid - runecloth and netherweave cloth
Aldor Rep - Marks of whatever
Kurenai Rep - Ogre beads (after further review, these are Soulbound. Dang!)
Cash - uh, cash

Beyond that, Dax will start supporting Gerwintassle with heals to develop a good tank/priest team and running the occasional instance to help out and keep skills sharp.

But I really can't wait to start playing Rysteranch again, and it doesn't matter what I do with him!

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