Wednesday, September 5, 2007

67 and ain't it Nagrand!

Dax finally hit 67 this morning in my 1/2 hour session before work. Picked up some nice upgrades to spells; don't remember which ones...heh....heh. I ended up working a little bit with Neya the Shammy, but he was on the bubble as to being called to Kara on his Tank. So we parted ways, and I hooked up with a lvl 65 druid to help him out on two elite quests in Terokkar. Now, after working with Neya, I'm not surprised at what a duo can do to elites, so I'm just healing away and adding a little DPS. The druid is impressed that I still have quite a bit of mana after the elite birdy. Meh...So we head off to Terokkarantula. I healed Neya through this monstrosity when he was 64, so I don't expect too much trouble. And I am not surprised. We easily down the arachnid, and that's when the druid starts falling over himself about my healing style. Safe to say, I have a little Moonkin fan out there now....heh....heh.

I also partnered with the pally that helped me out when I was just a pup. She is not so good at tanking, so I ended up tanking some mobs....yay PW:Shield! But, we cleared up some of her quests, and by the end of our time, she was doing better at the tanking bit. One thing I noticed is that at the end of one of our battles, she still had a full mana bar. Is this unusual? I don't know.

And last night, Rysteranch dinged 51! I do like Searing Gorge. Nice distribution of mobs in a medium size area. Tried to take down the Overseer...L....O.....L! Gerwintassle (51 warrior) and your's truly vs. 2 lvl 48 elites and 1 lvl 50 elite.

First try. Plan was to ice one of the 48's, PuddyTank the other and burn down the Overseer. Well, I was messing around with growl and accidentally sent the pet in. WHOOPS!! Gerwin charges and I get sheeped. SHEEPED! Crap. They're all over us like maggots on a five day old corpse laying in the hot sun. We die.

Second try. Same plan, except, we decide to let Gerwin tank the two mobs, while I keep one on ice. It went better that way, except I noticed PuddyTat's health was almost gone! Crap! Mend Pet! dead. Uh, oh....What the.??? I'm sheeped again! Gerwin dies....I feign death. Mobs reset. Dang!

Third try. Now we say screw the Overseer, we'll just loot the flux plans. And, while we're trying to decide how to best do it (PuddyTat doesn't like the way we're looking at him), some lvl whatever blows by us with his lackey in tow and smokes the Overseer and his stooges. Oh, ok. We saunter in and loot the plans. Sweet.

Daxie had the night off. She deserves it!

In other news, it looks like the whole BRK/DCoE thing has gotten way out of hand. Now DCoE's blog is only available by invite. DCoE, if you're reading this (yeah right) can I get an invite?

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