Friday, September 7, 2007


Got da burn. Rysteranch dinged 52 last night, and I think I'm catchin' the burn to get him to Outlands. I only briefly logged on to my other toons, mostly to check mail, AH, yada yada yada. Then, decided I needed some Troll Temper and chain trapping practice. So, off to ZF I went with PuddyTat in tow.

ZF, at least the first parts, consists of three mob pulls. They range from 43-45 and include a random mix of casters and melee. At level 51, I knew my hunter would have no issue with one on one action and even one on two. But at one on three, I was a little hesitant. And, with no raid marking icons to keep my mobs distinct, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to be organized enough to take them down. Meh, the worst that could happen is I die.

First pull. Set freezing trap and wait for cooldown. Put hunter's mark on caster mob and send in PuddyTat. Pop Beastial Wrath and wait for kitty to get aggro and Arcane Shot a melee mob so it runs into the trap. Cool! that worked. Pet mend and start DPSing HM'd target. One mob down. Set second trap and start DPSing 2nd mob. Pet mend again, crap, trap resisted. Tank one mob while burning down the other. Trap cooldown up, set trap. 2nd mob down. Back up, bandage and sic PuddyTat on last mob. Pet mend and DPS like big dawg! 3rd mob cries like a little baby and goes down. PuddyTat saunters back to my side, and I have a drink.

The rest of the pulls went similar to that one; no deaths, but I did have to run out of the instance on the second pull due to a pat add. But, for the most part, I stayed alive and PuddyTat stayed alive. I made my way to the first branch, but didn't clear the mobs at the branch. Went back out the front, reset the instance and did it again. Got my 20 Troll Temper and some great xp, as well as valuable information/experience in chain trapping.\

Later on, Gerwintassle and I hit the Searing Gorge for some elite mob fun. The twilight mobs didn't know what hit 'em, and we easily found the two items we were looking for.

So, now, Gerwintassle has the burn for Outlands and lvl 70. I think Malissa does, but she's leveling both her mage and druid with their rest xp, so that's slowin' her down. I need to see where Rip is and how I can help her level faster, if she's interested. Mcleonis is slowly but surely finding his way and is just about to crack 20. And we have a new member, Harley, who has a lvl 11 'lock. The thing our guild is lacking is numbers. We also have 'toons ranging from 67 to 11 and all points in between. Unfortunately, we have few that are the same level.

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