Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Didn't get a lot of WoW in this weekend. Spent two days in Shipshewana at the White Trash Expo....erm, flea market. Ok, actually spent one half day at the flea market as my wife and her mother decided to have mercy on me and the step-dad. Saw the Amish, ate some pie, bought some junk.

I just looked at my last two blog entries....lol. If those two don't scare off you regular readers, I don't know what will! Maybe if I start talking about priest tanking....hmmmmm.

Daxie did turn 37 this weekend. Dax is still two bubbles away from 67. Rysteranch is working on 51. (But I did work on some First Aid, Jewelcrafting - man that stinks, and uh....oh, yeah, helping guildies.)

Hopefully Neya will be on today after work so Dax can get closer to 67 (and maybe even ding), but I'm sure I'll be aggroing Cleaning, the House sometime today 'cause my wife's friend is going to be here tomorrow..../sigh.....

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