Friday, September 21, 2007

How'd that happen?

Friday already? Dang, I must have been busier or lazier than normal this week. Uh, well.....Played Dax some with Neya. Still haven't hit 68.

Rysteranch hit 65 last night and I totally enjoy playing a hunter. I took down Deathskitter the elite lvl 64 red spider near Allerian Stronghold all by my lonesome. It was close. So I decided to take on Terokkarantula. I died. I did get the spider down to half health, but got aggro and couldn't shake it in time. Even when I did, PuddyTat was almost dead and didn't last very long.

The new guy at work is a gamer; I had him over last night and showed him WoW. He says he wants to get going, but has to wait for some other stuff before buying the game. Cool! Another guildy. I think I'll be starting a new toon to level with him; I just don't know what class I want to play. Hmmmmmmm.

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