Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winter is coming

I didn't feel like running this one after work, so I laid down in my comfy bed and took a little half hour nap.  Well, kinda just laid there with my eyes closed.  But, I was warm, I was comfy, and I was resting.

I knew I couldn't lay there forever, so I made myself get up and get my running clothes on.  Once that was done, I saw no point in taking them off until I had completed 8 miles.  Yay for motivation - I'm too lazy to take my clothes off after putting them on unless I run in between the two events.

I did wise up from yesterday and wore my gloves in addition to a long sleeve undershirt and a long sleeve tech shirt.  This is the first time I've wore this particular undershirt, so I wanted to see how I did wearing the two layers.  I ended up pulling up the sleeves of the outer layer for a bit, but the accumulated sweat cooled me too much after a couple of miles, and I pulled them back down.

Tomorrow: OFF!

Schedule 5 @ 11:00
  5 @ 9:54
  2 @ 11:00

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